Through my program, learn how to walk through grief and build your future life without being held back.

My Program:
RISE through Grief

The journey through grief isn't easy. Whether the loss is sudden, i.e. by heart attack, accident, or suicide, your loved one is terminally ill, or you have lost a pet, your grief can be all-encompassing. You do not have to do this alone. Allow me to be your guide and ally through the ebb and flow of grief.For family, friends, and caregivers of someone who is terminally ill, I can help you manage each stage of the journey: prior to death, the passing, and all that comes after the loss.RISE through GriefR - RELIEF comes with telling your story of your lost loved one and honoring their life and their passing.
I - INTEGRATE the loss into the new life you are creating and re-identify your place in the world.
S - SELF-CARE is crucial. We will determine how to move forward without losing yourself and taking care of yourself along the way.
E - EDUCATION. I will help you along this journey with information and ideas.

First and Third Tuesday, 12:00pm MST
Starting Soon - TBD
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About Me

My name is Karen Blankenship and I am a Certified Grief Educator and Jungian Life Coach. I received my coaching certification through CreativeMind University and my grief educator certification through David Kessler. Coaching is not therapy and I will not try to fix you. I will help you reach your goals and be your ally and guide through the process.I have always been pulled to help people, to deeply listen and empathize, as well as, point out things they may not see. A large portion of my career I did that through supporting and aligning with executives in the corporate world. Wanting to take my abilities to a new level, I went to graduate school for a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. For many years I worked extensively with grief. I have experienced a lot of loss in my life from terminally ill, where I knew it was coming to heart attack and suicide, where I was completely blindsided. Having experienced so much grief in my life, as well as becoming a certified grief educator, I can meet you where you are and help you through each step of the grieving journey. I have facilitated several SOSL (Survivors of Suicide Loss) groups, as well as several hospice camps and SOSL events.If you have had a loss, or will have a loss, and would like an ally to walk with you through the grief process, please contact me. You do not have to do this alone.

We've only had a consultation so far, but she nailed it on many of the issues that have been nagging at me for years. I'm so looking forward to working with her. She asks very thorough questions and I know her plan of action will be made for my abilities and personality.
Debbie V
Karen B. is a gentle and compassionate person. She always found a way to validate my feels and offer encouragement. I would highly recommend her.
Very sincere and knew exactly what I was wanting.
Cheryl K
When I reached out to Karen in October, I was dealing with serious job burn out and struggling to balance my work and personal life (including raising a one year old). I had overwhelming feelings of anxiety and fear and felt stuck in a routine that I didn’t know how to change.Karen responded to my inquiry right away and provided a questionnaire so I could identify and prioritize the areas of my life that I wanted to focus on. The biggest value-add of our sessions, and something I couldn’t have done alone, was assigning reasonable and actionable steps to achieving each goal. It can be difficult to see the forest through the trees when your brain is in constant fight or flight mode, so having clearly defined steps was like following a roadmap to improving my life. I also felt accountable for completing these steps since I knew we would discuss them in our next session, so I wasn’t able to revert back to that, “it’s really not that bad…” way of thinking that has sabotaged me before. Other helpful tools that I’ve incorporated into my everyday life thanks to Karen include journaling and meditating.Karen has a calm and supportive demeanor and is an excellent lister. Karen allowed me space to reflect, process, and talk about my feelings, but also provided valuable questions and feedback so I could really drill down and recognize my strengths and address my weaknesses. I can confidently say that my life (both personally and professionally - I got a wonderful new job) has greatly improved since I began my coaching sessions with Karen.
Katie R
Karen is compassionate, supportive, and encouraging in her approach. She provides astute observations and feedback that help me gain clarity about my goals and strategies to achieve them. She helps me ground myself and focus on my scope of control. I highly recommend Karen B Coaching.
Karen is a gifted and talented coach whose background in counseling really comes through in the way she is able to be absolutely present with me, in every moment. She has helped me recognize patterns that seem to keep repeating in my life, helps me identify routes forward, and provides amazing tools and support along the way. She has coached me through both personal and professional challenges and I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!

Free Consultation

If requesting a link for the Grief Group please fill out the form and put "Grief Group" in the message.You may also book a free 30-minute consultation to see if we would like to work together at the link below. Please note: I do not accept insurance.

Thank You

"The first step in any Journey is the belief
that the road will open up in front of
you even if you can't see it."
-Meg Gherson
I look forward to starting
this journey with you.